what i've been knitting


lotus lace tank from interweave knits made from bamboo!

working on:

swallowtail shawl. from something i usually never use-- commercial wool... but i'm making it for someone and i think she'd want something other than synthetic or cotton. it's shaeffer anne... nice to knit with but i feel a little bad.

today's harvest

i love it!! mmmmm!!!
i want to make a yummy butternut squash soup! and oh boy i've got some tomato canning to do.
i'll have to make time for that in between being exhausted and exploring other career options.


please SAVE ME from 22 brand-spankin new KINDERGARTNERS!!!!

wip and a very full bobbin

it's my last day of summer vacation :(
i'm sooooooo sad. but knitting and spinning still makes me happy... so here's my most recent wip... http://www.knitty.com/ISSUEsummer06/PATTknucks.html -knucks i am making for misshawklet from her handspun yarn:

it's going well, except i should not have done the crab stitch at the cast off edge... i really don't like to crochet.

then yesterday i worked on sock yarn for a friend. i filled the bobbin as physically full as it could get!

it's my first venture into sock yarn... it turned out to be 450 yards, two ply. that's a lot! well, for me at least! now i get to dye it. :)

more fun and knitting

we had a yard sale this weekend. our friends came and added stuff to the sale. they made more money than we did~ but they did have better stuff.

we at least got rid of a whole bunch of concrete backerboard and drywall (for free)... some lady said she was going to build a house for her birds and dog. huh? with concrete backerboard? whatever- take it! yay! gone!
business was sorta slow so i tried to advertise

didn't work so good! oh well- we took the rest of the stuff to the salvation army and now the garage is clean-ish! maaaaybe i'll paint it next weekend. maaaaybe.
then i worked on my world cup clapotis!

i am over half done... i'll probably start decreasing tomorrow. it's more of a clapotis lap blanket than a shawl or scarf. it's HUGE and heavy. well that's what i get for using this cotton yarn. i love it anyhow! let's be real-- would i actually ever wear a shawl? a shawl????? um, no. it's better this way.